Vines ready for Bud Break-Stoutridge Vineyard

Bud Break on Stoutridge Vineyard

Vines ready for Bud Break-Stoutridge Vineyard


Bud Break-Stoutridge Vineyard style. Our vines are ready to bud break.

April has burst on the scene in the Hudson Valley and Stoutridge Vineyard with the appropriate showers. And we all know what April showers bring… May flowers. Or as we say on the vineyard, May Bud Break! Bud Break-Stoutridge is the glorious First Act of the always spectacular show, “Wine,” a co-production of Mother Nature and Vintners around the world. The curtain opens, and the entrance is certainly not lacking in grandness. All along the winding maze of vines, the buds burst, immediately painting a brown stage gloriously green. Let the show begin!

Bud break means new grape growth at Stoutridge.

Of course the show is quite predictable, a succulent second act of grapes and barrels and an aromatic grand finale presented in shimmering glasses and met with great applause. But the actual plot of this great show depends on the right setting as depicted through the elevation of the land, the right script (graciously written by the co-producer mother nature, who decides on such things as microclimate) and then come the actors, the carefully cast variety of grape. Bud break is the first sign of new growth of the vine following dormancy throughout winter. Once the weather begins to warm up, hormones begin to activate in the roots telling the vine to begin its fruit bearing process.

Visit Stoutridge

Bud Break-Stoutridge is always an exciting time and we encourage all to visit our vineyards, enjoy a wine tasting, stroll our grounds, and see it happen for yourself. We offer tours of our winery and new distillery where we have the only operating malting floor in the US. Bring a picnic or at least a wedge of cheese, buy a bottle of wine, sit under a tree and breathe. See you at Stoutridge!

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