Our “Hudson Valley’s Natural Wine” ad in Edible Hudson Valley

Stoutridge_SlowToTable_Edible HV_B

Look for our new “Hudson Valley’s Natural Wine” ad in the Fall 2016 issue of Edible Hudson Valley.

For wines lovers and foodies alike, look for our new “look” print ad in the soon to be released Fall issue of Edible Hudson Valley.  Few magazines cover food, wines, spirits and fun in vast Hudson Valley like Edible. Learn more about them and what’s exciting and deliciously edible in the Hudson Valley.


We produce wines widely considered the most natural in the Hudson Valley. Stoutridge owner and winemaker Steve Osborn has said “Let the flavors that occur naturally in the vineyard define the wine.” Our new print ad aims to convey this message in design and focus.  We used a clean white backdrop that offers a solid foundation with little to no interference to the other elements of our design. Layered on top of our clean background is a close up image of wine being poured into a glass supported by succinct copy using a simple black font.  The phrase “Hudson Valley’s Natural Wine” underneath our headline SLOW TO TABLE is a simple calligraphy font that contrasts well to the straight lines of our headline font.

Simple fonts that aesthetically support our winemaking process

1. FatFrank
2. Lucida Calligraphy
3. Abadi MT Condensed Light
4. Helvetica

But hey, it’s all about the wine! Be sure to visit us for a tour and tasting of our award winning wines and beautiful estate and learn how we passionately do what we do.

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