A Natural White Wine from Stoutridge

Terrior and Hudson Heritage White: Exclusively Stoutridge Vineyard

Terrior and Stoutridge Hudson Heritage White is exclusively Hudson Valley.

Terrior is the term for the collective environmental factors that create “character” in wine. The Stoutridge Hudson Heritage White is one of our most important wines according to Stoutridge owner and winemaker Steve Osborn, “Hudson Heritage is our banner product, it’s the wine this entire winery was built to make.”

Stoutridge’s Hudson Heritage embodies everything Steve set out to do.

The process behind how Steve makes our Hudson Heritage embodies most of everything Steve set out to do when he decided to open Stoutridge. The grapes used are all locally grown from within 1.5 miles of the Stoutridge estate. This supports local farmers and growers and also drastically reduces transportation needs. It also serves to maintain the local flavors and attributes of the local soil, farming practices and unique environmental contexts prevalent in the specific region of Hudson Valley where Stoutridge operates. The wine’s terroir or character is comprised of these factors. Hudson Heritage is also aged for a year at Stoutridge in custom designed barrels and then bottled using our gravity feed system where it ages another 4 years in the bottle.

A Natural Wine.

The result is a natural wine with a unique flavor palate. Hudson Heritage is unusually soft tasting, there is no sour and no bitter. Because there is no sour, there is no need to add sugar. This is vital to Stoutridge because they do use any chemical process when making or aging their wines and sweet wines have to be chemically sterilized. No sugar added, no need to chemically sterilize.

Says Steve,

“I like sweet wines, I don’t mind that they are chemically sterilized but I don’t want to make them. I want the natural chemistry.”

Another interesting aspect to the Hudson Heritage is that is has much more fermentation flavor. As companies process foods, the food loses fermentation flavor. We see this often with regard to products such as beer and cheese where the national brands have less fermentation flavor than products from microbreweries and cheese artisans. Wine is the same in this regard.

Hudson Heritage is a complex wine with wonderful flavor, crisp yet not sour, featuring a sweetness without added sugar. Available exclusively at Stoutridge.

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