Flavor of place is better expressed without chemicals

Flavor of place is better expressed without chemicals

Wine the natural way“Wine is traditionally about the flavor of place. Terroir. Flavor of place is better expressed without chemicals. This is how we think and in this way were are traditional to the most important idea in wine.”  — STEVE OSBORN Owner Stoutridge Vineyards

Flavor of place is better expressed without chemicals

Call us traditionalists.

For thousands of years farmers and local townsfolk from small hidden countryside villages across Europe, Africa and elsewhere have made wine.

In fact the origins of wine predate written records and historians are uncertain about the details of the first cultivation of wild grape vines. One hypothesis for the discovery of wine is that early humans climbed trees to pick berries. They liked their sugary taste and then began collecting berries regularly. After a few days, fermentation set in and the juice at the bottom of the containers they used would begin producing low-alcohol wine. What is more natural and traditional than that?

For the most part, the philosophy of grapes fermenting naturally and becoming wine remained in tact for thousands of years. Before the modern era of wine making farmers sourced grapes from their own vineyards and fields, pressed and aged their wine on their property and, when ready, broke bread and drank their wine with family and friends and shared stories of their day. There was no commercialization, no shipping, no competition for market share, just the wine and the natural process of wine fermenting in a way that creates a pure and magical beverage with the characteristics of the region from which it was made.

No fining agents. It’s just not Natural.

At Stoutridge, we carry on this old world tradition and terrior vinification process, from grape to bottling. We do not use any fining agents, additives or filtering to alter the flavors and the natural structure of wine. Our award winning wines offer a unique and long lasting product appreciated by everyone from the casual consumer to the experienced wine connoisseur. Stoutridge stands as a premiere example on the spectrum of natural wines and we believe all wine collectors who strive for a well-balanced collection should have a bottle in their cellar.

We’d love to see you at our vineyards. Here you can taste our wine, stroll our grounds and see our process firsthand.

Stoutridge Vineyards
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Marlboro, NY 12542
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